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The new CD from Maartin Allcock and Lisa Starnini

Maart and Lisa recorded Two Bays; Due Baie in Harlech and Naples respectively. As per Maart’s wishes, all profits from the CD will go to Lisa following the death of her husband, Gianni, in a hit and run accident in January 2017.

TWO BAYS; DUE BAIE CD - UK £12.00 + £1.50 p&p = £13.50

TWO BAYS; DUE BAIE CD - Europe €14.00 + €4.50 p&p = €18.50

TWO BAYS; DUE BAIE CD - US including p&p = $20.00

TWO BAYS; DUE BAIE CD - Japan ¥1600 + ¥540 p&p = ¥2140

TWO BAYS; DUE BAIE CD - Australia $22.50 + $6.00 = $28.50


Debut album by the new trio

The new trio features songwriter Tim O'Connor (guitar, vocal), Andy Dinan (fiddles) and Maart (everything else). You can hear snippets on the Mancunia website.

You can now buy the album before the album launch on July 30th in Manchester.

MANCUNIA CD - UK £10.00 + £1.50 p&p = £11.50

MANCUNIA CD - Europe €11.30 + €4.50 p&p = €15.80

MANCUNIA CD - US including p&p = $19.00

MANCUNIA CD - Japan ¥1460 + ¥540 p&p = ¥2000

MANCUNIA CD - Australia $16.50 + $6.00 = $22.50

Dave Swarbrick Fiddle Tunes (December 2015)

This 240pp book features the work of Dave Swarbrick from his contributions to the Ian Campbell Folk Group in the 1960s and the first solo album Rags, Reels and Airs (1967) through the solo albums of the 1970s, 80s and 90s, his work with Martin Carthy, Fairport Convention, Whippersnapper, The Band Of Hope and Swarb's Lazarus right up to some never-to-be-recorded tunes of Swarb's composition. The copious notes on the tunes were proofread and added to by Swarb. There are over 300 tunes in all. It's a very reasonable price for such a collection, and a worth addition to any collection of traditional dance music.

Neither of us realised when we got the book finished and published and into profit that it would comprise his whole life's work on the fiddle. I'm just glad that he got to see it and he loved it.

"What a beautiful book in every way. Even for a non-player, this collection of tunes and photographs is a joy to own. It is Dave Swarbrick's musical history so far. A true labour of love, and a gift to the world of music" - Peter Knight (Gigspanner, Steeleye Span)

Dave Swarbrick Fiddle Tunes - UK £45.00 + £3.50 p&p = £48.50

Dave Swarbrick Fiddle Tunes - Europe €52.00 + €14.00 p&p = €66.00

Dave Swarbrick Fiddle Tunes - US $60.00 + $20.00 p&p = $80.00

Dave Swarbrick Fiddle Tunes - Australia A$80.00 + A$30.00 p&p = A$110.00

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Chilli Morning (2014)

Chilli Morning CD - UK £6.00 + £1.50 p&p = £7.50

Chilli Morning CD - Europe €7.00 + €4.50 p&p = €11.50

Chilli Morning CD - US including p&p = $15.00

Chilli Morning CD - Japan ¥860 + ¥540 p&p = ¥1400

Chilli Morning CD - Australia A$10.00 + A$6.00 p&p = A$16.00


Serving Suggestion (2004)

You can see all the track information and read some reviews if you click on the picture at the left.

Serving Suggestion CD - UK £5.00 + £1.50 p&p = £6.50

Serving Suggestion CD - Europe €6.00 + €4.50 p&p = €10.50

Serving Suggestion CD - US including p&p = $12.00

Serving Suggestion CD - Japan ¥720.00 + ¥540.00 p&p = ¥1260.00

Serving Suggestion CD - Australia A$8.50 + A$6 p&p = A$14.50

OX15 (1999)

"Reflecting on Maartin Allcock's prodigious guitar technique, Richard Thompson once observed slyly that perhaps it was time for "the old hand caught in the door" trick. Certainly OX15 provides the scope that's been lacking in recent ventures and results in plenty of invention and instrumental razzmatazz. Whenever We See The Dark features Ian Anderson and out-Tulls Jethro Tull, the collaboration with singer Najma Akhtar is a well-judged change of pace, while the sound-effects-strewn Crash Polka is the comedy instrumental of the year. If there's a sense that he's over-raiding the cupboard (a cover of the Allman Brothers Band's Jessica?), the quality of the guests (Troy Donockley, Chris Leslie, Gerry Conway) and a consistently big sound more than compensate. Maartin Allcock deserves a bigger stage." ***

Rob Beattie, Q magazine


The Sandy Denny Complete Songbook (2005)

All 52 songs that Sandy Denny wrote or co-wrote and recorded in her life along with some choice photographs. There are notes on guitar tunings and some guitar TAB.

You can see the songlist and a sample if you click on the picture on the left.


Fairport Convention Songbook One v2.0 (2004)

Not just a reprint but a whole new (2004) remake of the first Fairport book I did back in 1993, with 14 extra songs, lots of guitar tablature for the first time (and some mandolin tablature too) and lots of new photos, including some very rare old shots as well as quite a few from our own collections. There is new artwork and Calligillustration™ by David Paul Gleeson, who I went to school with and who is becoming very collectable as an artist in his own right.


Fairport Convention Songbook Two (1998)

This book was published in 1998 and filled out the gaps with another 58 pieces from the beginning right up to the 30th anniversary album "Who Knows Where The Time Goes", (though that song is in Songbook One).


Maart (1990)

My first solo album, recorded and mixed in four days at Woodworm Studio. I played everything myself. Three songs, including Pete Townshend's post-atomic version of North Country Girl as well as some instrumentals which became regulars in the Fairport live set.


Blue Tapestry Live (2002)

This album was recorded during the first Blue Tapestry tour in March 2002. Featuring the music of Joni Mitchell and Carole King, the band is Chris While (vocal, guitars, dulcimer, percussion), Julie Matthews (vocal, piano, harmonica), Pete Zorn (bass, saxes, flute, percussion, vocal), Maart (guitars, fretless bass, vocal) and Neil Marshall (drums, congas, percussion). This band was one of the highlights of Cropredy 2003.


Swarbrick's Merrie Melodies (2003)

Dave Swarbrick has been one of the most influential folk fiddlers of the 20th century. Here together in print for the very first time are many of his original compositions and those traditional tunes with which he has become associated. Transcribed by Maart and originally available in the Swarb boxset from Free Reed Records.


For any of the above items, if you prefer, you can send cheques (pounds sterling only) to Jan Lane, PO Box 31, Harlech, LL46 2WQ, Wales. If ordering from outside the UK, please add relevant postage & packing costs. Thanks.