Where I Live

I live on the west coast of Wales, near Harlech in Gwynedd, and it's a very beautiful place.
I moved here in 2000 and it really is paradise. Okay, so I can't see the garden wall sometimes, but on a clear day I can see the tops of the Preseli mountains down in Pembrokeshire, some 70-odd miles away.

The office

Just down the road is Llandanwg beach, which I sometimes call the office, as I can get a signal on my mobile phone there!

The Office: Llandanwg beach 18th May 2004 looking north towards Snowdon

Snowdon is the pointy one in the centre

Look how clean the water is!

These kind of things I just find lying on the beach. The young dogfish next to the white shell had had a large hole pecked in the side of its head by a gull. It had been there for some time as it had gone rigid. The tide was about to wash it away. There are a lot of jellyfish washed up after a storm of all shapes and sizes. There's one called a Velella which is about three inches long and there are some others which measure over two feet in diameter.


My kids on the beach. The Lleyn peninsula is across the water there.

Barmouth and Pensarn harbours. The steamer on the right, Nemo II (London), was abandoned and got smashed into oblivion by the storms.

A little cove at Portmeirion

Section of the sea wall at Llandanwg with Moelfre behind.


The hills

Up in the hills behind where we live.

Looking down towards Dyffryn Ardudwy.

The sunsets

We get fabulous sunsets here on the west coast, different every night. Here are just a couple.

And here's me and Jan who makes me so wonderfully happy.