Fairport Convention Songbook One v2.0

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* next to a title denotes a new addition, italic denotes title features new tablature

Banks Of The Sweet Primroses*
Beggar's Song
Brilliancy Medley/Cherokee Shuffle
Claudy Banks
Close To The Wind
Come All Ye*
Con Casey's/Tripping Up The Stairs
Crazy Man Michael
Cup Of Tea!/Loaf Of Bread/Miss Monaghan's
The Deserter (Trad)
The Deserter (John Richards)
Dirty Linen
Doctor Of Physick*
The Gas Almost Works/The Cat On The Mixer/Three Left Feet
Happy Man*
Hen's March/Four Poster Bed
Hexhamshire Lass
Hiring Fair
Honour & Praise
Iron Lion*
Lark In The Morning Medley
Matty Groves
Meet On The Ledge
Milltown Maid/Jenny's Wedding
Mock Morris '90
Mr Lacey*
My Love Is In America*
Noise Club
Now Be Thankful
Over The Lancashire Hills
Polly On The Shore
Red & Gold
Reynard The Fox
Rising For The Moon
Rosemary's Sister
Rutland Reel/Sack The Juggler
Sailor's Life*
Si Tu Dois Partir*
Summer Before The War
Tam Lin
To Althea From Prison*
Walk Awhile - click here for a free sample
Wat Tyler
White Dress
Who Knows Where The Time Goes?
Widow Of Westmorland's Daughter
Wizard Of The Worldly Game*
Wounded Whale